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  phyto 8f03f29d83 winter is coming 4 months ago
  phyto 43a71bf468 DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT 11 months ago
  phyto 67aa367e1e increasing max temperature (canicule) 11 months ago
  phyto 4a033432bf ending a ncurses proggy is not simple 11 months ago
  phyto ee5f22419a reparation du README.md 11 months ago
  phyto 9b58ca8ef0 integration du sound-system 1 year ago
  phyto 9c74ad9449 processing cli args 1 year ago
  phyto 407c980690 prsoccessing cli args 1 year ago
  phyto 76bd00d052 sound is coming 1 year ago
  phyto 094de74445 enable eternity mode on main loop 1 year ago
  phyto 2e4854c411 first real regulation errors 1 year ago
  tth af91555fe6 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://tetalab.org:2213/tTh/DD2-monitor 1 year ago
  tth 92a8cfe4a0 wtf ? 1 year ago
  phyto 33d4a16040 Zzzzz.... 1 year ago
  phyto 85fa321972 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://tetalab.org/tTh/DD2-monitor 1 year ago
  phyto af0cf9d2e3 + void help(int k) 1 year ago
  phyto b986b8407d K param not on valid option list 1 year ago
  tth f0126a9e22 adapting the doc to the reality of the world 1 year ago
  phyto 1b03d60613 preparation du plan B 1 year ago
  phyto dcc927418b + log.error 1 year ago
  phyto 0ccf834e84 il y a clairement une probleme hardware 1 year ago
  phyto 6e9c5e49d1 on mange quoi ? j'ai faim ! 1 year ago
  phyto 8bb519fe17 patching again the terminal 1 year ago
  phyto 2362957692 ajout machin de build 1 year ago
  phyto d3b399d4fa ajout doc pour udev 1 year ago
  phyto 8a61b0534d ce machin ne semble pas fonctionner ;( 1 year ago
  phyto 32720f2a44 deadlock is coming NOW 1 year ago
  phyto a5525aea74 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://tetalab.org/tTh/DD2-monitor 1 year ago
  phyto 32379c5441 +echo() +noecho() 1 year ago
  tth 3b1d756cad Merge branch 'master' of ssh://tetalab.org:2213/tTh/DD2-monitor 1 year ago
  tth 6e94fca0a9 doc ? quelle doc ? 1 year ago
  phyto e0dcbebd30 integration du terminal dans le machin 1 year ago
  phyto 7e17ba80e5 ce machin semble fonctionner ;) 1 year ago
  phyto 913da05ee0 another bug killed ? 1 year ago
  phyto 54a41cfeb3 terminal is working, but expect some bugs... 1 year ago
  phyto 6ad5283de9 aller chercher des bieres ? 1 year ago
  phyto 40e1d434ff making a serial embeded terminal 1 year ago
  phyto 9cdd17310d parameters validation function 1 year ago
  phyto 8e39f86901 some kziq added (part two) 1 year ago
  phyto fb16815033 some kziq added 1 year ago
  phyto dcc394a088 added the K parameter 1 year ago
  phyto 946616e55a hardware bug found, sorry 1 year ago
  phyto 7a3ba3b44c was cfmakeraw the good fix ? 1 year ago
  phyto aedaf6c6bb fixing a dependency 1 year ago
  phyto 6d597e59e8 bidirectionnal communication, first milestone reached 1 year ago
  phyto 565c70b54f this change make life better 1 year ago
  phyto 33c96b1a63 adding the 'putbyte' function 1 year ago
  phyto 970231b357 rename a function 1 year ago
  phyto 9ef568a677 nothing important to see 1 year ago
  phyto ac89d9fe7d fridge control on the way 1 year ago