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  tonton th 0d93070774 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://tetalab.org:2213/tTh/FloatImg 6 hours ago
  tonton th dbe8ee406a trying to display delat min/max 1 day ago
  tonton th 78ab2b4278 better message 2 days ago
  tth 6ab57a4046 add fimg_mix_rgb_gray support to fimgfx 1 week ago
  tth 14062a9586 not a good day... 1 week ago
  tth 4fec59ec64 this is romulian saturation control 1 week ago
  tth fd10739cc7 + doc on FITS files 1 week ago
  tth efc2807227 cosmetic clean 1 week ago
  tth c6dee909e8 less code, less bug ? 1 week ago
  tth 421dd724a7 going to nowhere land 1 week ago
  tth b88d2c234a removing useless message 1 week ago
  tth d8bb6f4ec6 this is really a WTF bug 1 week ago
  tth 24976855d7 no more upside-down 1 week ago
  tth 334cffce60 added FITS support to grabvidseq 1 week ago
  tth be3338eb5f killed a bug 1 week ago
  tth 3849485c02 adding bare FITS file support 1 week ago
  tth 4e90a400e7 added some file extensions 1 week ago
  tth 288c5a57df fixed bug in DEBUG_LEVEL code 2 weeks ago
  tth 7eee0bd4d9 more doc... 2 weeks ago
  tonton th d4d2dcc7f5 pas grand chose... 1 month ago
  tonton th b39660cc78 fix a bug in rotate_90 1 month ago
  tonton th 085387aba2 improve help message 1 month ago
  tth ed864ea45a bla 1 month ago
  tth a81d218fc8 more useles messages 1 month ago
  tth 9517c8a10f integration de fimg_colors_mixer_a dans fimgfx 1 month ago
  tth 59cbb3c1e0 de-kluging some funcs 1 month ago
  tth 2b62730f47 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://tetalab.org/tTh/FloatImg 1 month ago
  tth 81c1d98ffc a new useless sfx 1 month ago
  tonton th 79ab384136 better use of bad arguments 1 month ago
  tth ba28fb9e80 debug function added 1 month ago
  tth baddd6dedd more testing 1 month ago
  tonton th f7ff7e385a more debug in verbose mode 2 months ago
  tonton th 7ff4453fb1 add debian package name 2 months ago
  tonton Th 83af701479 commit du soir, espoir 3 months ago
  tonton Th 22e16d2ba6 renaming a function for clarity 4 months ago
  tonton Th dd9ac7c948 random patchys... 4 months ago
  tonton Th 14256b1476 rotate90 integrated in fimgfx 4 months ago
  tonton Th a600cbbf70 add tools/.sh to tarball target 4 months ago
  tonton Th 17415bd344 minor change on the useless display 4 months ago
  tonton Th 83ec42e140 tweaking the pdf documentation 4 months ago
  tonton Th e128add5a6 added a new function : fimg_put_rgb 4 months ago
  tonton Th e9a61bb96a added a new function : fimg_rotate_90, need more tests 4 months ago
  tonton Th 394b24bc92 updating tarball target 4 months ago
  tonton Th d2727870a1 killed useless warning 4 months ago
  tonton Th c3cca26ce9 added TIFF type 4 months ago
  tth 7372ffdbb6 coronavirus panic 4 months ago
  tth 9b8a30f0b7 sauvageonnes 5 months ago
  tth 7e0f2f87dd minor tweaks 5 months ago
  tth 20da2de7fb adding fimg_get_minmax_rgb function 5 months ago
  tth 248061f46b Zzzzz.... 5 months ago