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  tonton Th 2ce7b5dd14 adding udp-dumper.c bis 3 months ago
  tonton Th 1b26e5b328 adding udp-dumper.c 3 months ago
  tonton Th a3aa74b3b9 converting to python3 3 months ago
  tth cff083a21d reworking the kluge 5 months ago
  tth e540df566a use also the numeric digits 11 months ago
  tth 0f386d0d29 minor tweak 11 months ago
  tth 244ff8d131 demo Blaise = bonaldi 11 months ago
  tth 517b381360 adding text2osc, need more cleanup 11 months ago
  tth 03bdd5ab88 adding 'joystick->osc' soft 1 year ago
  tth 78173e9aa4 correcting a cut'n'past 1 year ago
  tth a817966104 importing basic functions 1 year ago
  tth 36d38c2a00 on ajoute des trucs 1 year ago
  tth 5084801d44 krkrkrkr usinagaz 1 year ago