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tth 821377f666 questions et reponses 1 year ago
tth 9ddbef4e91 added a mirror function 1 year ago
tth b3de3b96f7 move extractor to func/ 1 year ago
tth 004f24689b doc about fimg2text + small patches 1 year ago
tth 5ac050fa10 bla 1 year ago
tth ce6d6e58bb seekin the holy gral of pipedeprod 1 year ago
tth 6d4df793da a little bla 1 year ago
tth 0f2b0ec916 added a setter, wtf ? 1 year ago
tth 0632bc288d bal 1 year ago
tth 6b5412edcd better error message and aborting 1 year ago
tth 487b091db3 work on the special fx demo 1 year ago
tth ce73143d96 bla 1 year ago
tth 0478bae6a3 better handling of file extenstions 1 year ago
tth dcc1ff35cb moare doc is moare 1 year ago
tth 2bd44fa853 classif trial in fimgfx 1 year ago
tth 4872ec698c less bug, and a new effect 1 year ago
tth 1f03709b6c minor tweaks 1 year ago
tth 2b03f3f516 working on singlepass 1 year ago
tth 34ab825670 bla bla 1 year ago
tth 4095750024 add a "magic" field to FloatImg descritor 1 year ago
le vieux dcc23cabc3 no more semi-useless messages 1 year ago
tth 9cf60526d7 is extracteur ready for the prime time ? 1 year ago
tth 7718ca0f62 use the new halfsize func 1 year ago
tth 27af6d5282 new func: fimg_halfsize_1 1 year ago
phyto b8a4514773 no more useless messages 2 years ago
tth 2e2448b9c9 new kluge : extracteur 2 years ago
tth 6dc9aab6ba tweaking... 2 years ago
tth 393112fb9b bla 2 years ago
tth f0a4338741 + halfsize 2 years ago
tth 96ad003df6 oups... 2 years ago
tth eaf49ad47d oups... 2 years ago
tth 327cadd03a add a crude FITS exporter 2 years ago
tth e81be7b0ca bla 2 years ago
tth 6e6433368c - bla 2 years ago
tth d7a3074561 on avance vers du mieux 2 years ago
tth 0a92028c56 killed a bug in fimg_clear ! 2 years ago
tth 7c314c73ce renaming a file 2 years ago
tth 81d04ec4d6 bla 2 years ago
tth 5cf9661713 fonderie software installation 2 years ago
tth f884220433 bla 2 years ago
tth ad58bf521d another bug in the wall 2 years ago
tth 97698bb66f omg ! a serious bug in the Makefile 2 years ago
tth d44591d0d9 bla 2 years ago
tth 5c9f76c749 boilerplate 2 years ago
tth 154bf0e188 a small debug func 2 years ago
tth cb2e4e1359 display size of pic 2 years ago
tth dbee9eea6e renaming a func 2 years ago
tth 3b0fc047ad cleanup 2 years ago
tth 7cf56ea70a not ready for primetime 2 years ago
tth f3c9d85c73 oups... 2 years ago