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  tonton th a8e9418d18 better #define MUST_BORT 4 months ago
  tonton th 0b5dd38b58 read .OBJ file, second step 4 months ago
  tonton th 5a6e98d034 read .OBJ file, first try 4 months ago
  tonton Th ee00eec000 first corona patch 5 months ago
  Tonton Th 94aecb1155 some domments added 9 months ago
  Tonton Th 131a60ab2d trace messages go to stderr 9 months ago
  tonton Th db2c41eac1 better name for the .a file 1 year ago
  tonton Th 438342bc92 adding .a archive target 1 year ago
  tth e70f0d50ed adding unimplemented flag 1 year ago
  tth 722dea4a83 added the WTFPL 1 year ago
  tTh on Padawan 3802975aee explain how to compile on FreeBSD (hello padawan :) 1 year ago
  tTh 3957936e98 delete 'print_sizeof()' from tbb.c 1 year ago
  tTh d0a520ea56 un peu de clarifications 1 year ago
  tTh 86515d49d5 add some comments 1 year ago
  tTh a6e9e92f8c enhanced the documentation 1 year ago
  tTh beb6075239 valgrind is now happy on tbb 1 year ago
  tTh d6fde6312f add CC=gcc for linux compilation. I hate autotools 1 year ago
  tTh 3fba5b69a9 more sanity check, who are untested 1 year ago
  tTh 5e0b3eeaa5 adding dummy files to .gitignore 1 year ago
  tTh c082f6b7a6 il faut vraiment ameliorer le cadricel de test 1 year ago
  tTh 8c90fa0356 ready for the next step ? 1 year ago
  Tonton 6dfe77cfea adding some warnings to the READEME 1 year ago
  Tonton 63611af4f8 initial commit of this kluge 1 year ago