Bibliothèque de traitements d'images en virgule flottante.
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tonton Th dd9ac7c948 random patchys... 3 years ago
Makefile Zzzzz.... 3 years ago
contrast.c plug the funny contrast adjustement in the grabber 3 years ago
fimg-2gray.c random patchys... 3 years ago
fimg-compare.c random patchys... 3 years ago
fimg-core.c added a new function : fimg_put_rgb 3 years ago
fimg-file.c encore un peu de mieux dans la doc 3 years ago
fimg-math.c adding fimg_get_minmax_rgb function 3 years ago
fimg-pnm.c do not be verbose on that... 3 years ago
fimg-timers.c need a patch git status! 4 years ago
interpolate.c tracking a bug... 3 years ago
operators.c minors twicks 3 years ago minot tweaks 3 years ago
t.c minor tweaks 3 years ago