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../v4l2/grabvidseq -s 960x720 -n 100 -p 0.193 \
-vv -c none \
-o original.fimg
make t && ./t
../tools/fimgops original.fimg cos_01.fimg mini minimum.fimg
../tools/fimgops original.fimg cos_01.fimg maxi maximum.fimg
for picz in original power2 squareroot cos_01 minimum maximum
echo _______________________ ${picz}
# ../tools/fimgstats -v ${picz}.fimg
../tools/fimg2pnm ${picz}.fimg ${picz}.pnm
convert -pointsize 48 \
-fill black -annotate +14+40 "${picz}" \
-fill white -annotate +16+42 "${picz}" \
${picz}.pnm ${picz}.png
rm ${picz}.pnm
convert -delay 150 *.png foo.gif