33 Commits (f3d2dd60342c405b387aed5d8a9f846586571d8f)

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tth f3d2dd6034 trying a new scaling method for saving in pnm 3 years ago
tth d4dbecc45d always triple check your patchen 3 years ago
tth c3bc39750d better handling of float cli arguments 3 years ago
tth af9b912eb0 display period in milliseconds 3 years ago
tonton Th 2cdb7dac81 no more profiling 3 years ago
tonton Th a9964cc39b no more scrolling 3 years ago
tth 2f01b6b9bf un peu plus de doc, un peu plus de bugs 3 years ago
tth 205816b618 atomic bombing 3 years ago
tth b67d023f0c premiere version de l'upscaling qui fonctionne 3 years ago
tonton Th 19bcdd3cb5 nettoyer les scories de GIT sa race 3 years ago
tth 3d23cbc3f4 je comprend plus rien au brotch... 3 years ago
tth f0c704a818 cumul image can be converted to gray 3 years ago
tth d65b93fc66 size of capture is now an option 3 years ago
phyto 776c3e9dbd gros manquements ergonomiques 3 years ago
tth 4417575163 NRFPT 3 years ago
tth a07883c0c2 commit avant la Ganguise + push en vrac 3 years ago
tth 03bfeacad5 better countdown display 3 years ago
tth d11947bd7c optimize cumul videograb 4 years ago
tth 556522f647 period time now in floating point 4 years ago
tth db037c5d12 micro tweaks 4 years ago
tth 411aad94d7 don't know how to make the upscaler 4 years ago
tth 09cbe5b855 first real shoot : [done] 4 years ago
tth 66cd54f3c6 grabing floatimb picz from a webcam 4 years ago
phyto 0a1abce976 better error handling, part 28 4 years ago
phyto dc7734b49d is pid display futil ? 4 years ago
phyto 18a5a5229f debug grabvidseq 4 years ago
tth 0e6d2f8ad7 displaying pid 4 years ago
Tonton Th ea70dd78f6 i can now read a few portable pixmap, the P6 type 4 years ago
Tonton Th 1edcd189aa tsssseeeeuuuu.... 4 years ago
Tonton Th 503c40f6df we can select the output directory 4 years ago
Tonton Th 862ab2a30e ajout d'un chronometre 4 years ago
Tonton Th cd0aaf45ca more pretty formating 4 years ago
Tonton Th b97c24befe nice renaming of the kluge 4 years ago
Tonton Th 1fdd8901a1 pretty formating the kluge 4 years ago
Tonton Th 2a40718410 preparation du moteur de brotchage 4 years ago
Tonton Th 6527f5d398 aller chercher de la biere et des patates 4 years ago
Tonton Th bfc600f5a0 another snipper of code / libv4l2 4 years ago