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le vieux b73c25f470 reading PNG with pnglite is wtf 2 years ago
Tonton Th d50f2145ba embarquement de la fonderie 2 years ago
tonton th f6a1387bd0 no more tiff 2 years ago
tth 18399a40d2 Sonoptic experiments day 4 2 years ago
tth a5cd02a261 ignore .tiff in v4l2/ 2 years ago
tth 301a0133e7 + fimg2tiff 2 years ago
tth 5a34cda32e writing TIFF, first setp 2 years ago
tth 334cffce60 added FITS support to grabvidseq 2 years ago
tth 3849485c02 adding bare FITS file support 2 years ago
tonton Th dd9ac7c948 random patchys... 3 years ago
tonton Th 14256b1476 rotate90 integrated in fimgfx 3 years ago
tth 9b8a30f0b7 sauvageonnes 3 years ago
tth 37ee68278b commit du soir, espoir 3 years ago
tth b5fa68864a bla 3 years ago
Tonton Th e761120787 added a second killcolors function 3 years ago
Tonton Th 8ce9251dec I can now write PNG files :) 3 years ago
tth 8a68cc24c6 fine tuning fimgfx with a script 3 years ago
tth 9ae7e4d85f added a new tool : fimgfx 3 years ago
tth c7a428c5f0 introduction des ajustements de contraste 3 years ago
tth 8b185f02e2 start of libnetpbm integration 3 years ago
tth 9f42b813e7 adding a new tool : fimgops 3 years ago
tth 5314b8b5f2 boot the doc, bro ! 3 years ago
tth af40e8a0e5 making tarball from Makefile 3 years ago
tth 991308f5b2 adding a new tool : video-infos 3 years ago
phyto b8d86da9a0 allons plutot boire un casanis... 3 years ago
Tonton Th b8b34d0177 Merci Luccia git diff! 3 years ago
Tonton Th c7d7c8b2dd tryint that thing for the ravebish 3 years ago
Tonton Th 862ab2a30e ajout d'un chronometre 3 years ago
Tonton Th 2a40718410 preparation du moteur de brotchage 3 years ago
Tonton Th 6527f5d398 aller chercher de la biere et des patates 3 years ago
Tonton Th c054054ee5 videograb : first step 3 years ago
Tonton Th f0f8daa0fb adding v4l2 example code 3 years ago
Tonton Th 0082bb2782 addinc v4l2 support 3 years ago
Tonton Th 75e796f316 tuning of gitignore 4 years ago
Tonton Th 5a72327882 first shoot 4 years ago