49 Commits (14256b14767ce445d057aa68cb5c66ea2d5ebbc4)

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tonton Th 14256b1476 rotate90 integrated in fimgfx 3 years ago
tonton Th e128add5a6 added a new function : fimg_put_rgb 3 years ago
tonton Th e9a61bb96a added a new function : fimg_rotate_90, need more tests 3 years ago
tth 20da2de7fb adding fimg_get_minmax_rgb function 3 years ago
tth e1938dfaeb buiding a test pattern generator 3 years ago
tth f451a8c8fe clamp me hardly, say the pixel 3 years ago
tth 7c378f1f7e added and debugged first filter function 3 years ago
tth a0a563dfa1 making "fimg_type_is_valid" public 3 years ago
tonton Th b1ae9f31ed tracking a bug... 3 years ago
tth 23ce4cd337 integration of halfsizing 3 years ago
tth 2b26645b49 big commit for 2 new funcs 3 years ago
Tonton Th e761120787 added a second killcolors function 3 years ago
Tonton Th 622d011424 added fimg_killcolors_a effect 3 years ago
tonton Th 57ef940536 a new function : fimg_desaturate 3 years ago
tth d624a45fc4 1) renommer quelques fonctions dans lib/operators.c 3 years ago
Tonton Th cef00ac04e added normalize function, need more tests 3 years ago
tonton Th 0224f6fd37 more expicit help 3 years ago
Tonton Th feb39d05fe adding the copy_data funcs 3 years ago
Tonton Th 538023b586 adding a file loading func - ugly code 3 years ago
Tonton Th 8ce9251dec I can now write PNG files :) 3 years ago
tth b80839b076 plug the funny contrast adjustement in the grabber 3 years ago
tth de3b31db94 add a new (and funny) contrast adjustement 3 years ago
tth 9ae7e4d85f added a new tool : fimgfx 3 years ago
tth b62b5a4805 two new operators (mini & maxi) 3 years ago
tth ca4bfcff05 moving a function to a better place 3 years ago
tth c7a428c5f0 introduction des ajustements de contraste 3 years ago
tth 12197cc171 adding the COS01 contrast method 3 years ago
tth e96c940baa no milestone here 3 years ago
tth cf70ca6b81 parsing filename for filetype 3 years ago
tth 6c3b33dad1 add a new function - part 2 3 years ago
tth 54269cc007 counting negative values 3 years ago
tth b0fe0091d4 another scaling computation... 3 years ago
tth c3bc39750d better handling of float cli arguments 3 years ago
tth c3f5419745 bla 3 years ago
tth ffc99e6114 enhancing fimg to pnm converter 3 years ago
tth 2aabc8b26b commit du soir, espoir 3 years ago
tth 2f3a8870c4 starting interpolate funcs 3 years ago
tonton Th 5758f1c932 killed a mega bug in the upscaling 3 years ago
tth 0e279275df moving things around... 3 years ago
tth d1e9999e1c adding a "2 gray" function 3 years ago
tth 5d91e0b73b ready for prime time ? 3 years ago
tth 66cd54f3c6 grabing floatimb picz from a webcam 3 years ago
tth 016497c870 making operators from garbage 3 years ago
tth 38eae482ba clean the code 3 years ago
phyto ecf952d881 adding some magic to the file format 3 years ago
phyto b8d86da9a0 allons plutot boire un casanis... 3 years ago
Tonton Th ea70dd78f6 i can now read a few portable pixmap, the P6 type 3 years ago
tTh 5b3381c7b3 making the doc 3 years ago
Tonton Th 5a72327882 first shoot 4 years ago