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  tth 72e162e4cf use <stdint.h> everywhere 5 months ago
  tth 802ec6e9c1 wtf? 5 months ago
  tth 41e77a5185 Zzzzz.... 5 months ago
  tth 20e2f1e71e fixed an useless bug 5 months ago
  tth c0f3b86d0c oups... 5 months ago
  tth 0a92028c56 killed a bug in fimg_clear ! 7 months ago
  tth 154bf0e188 a small debug func 7 months ago
  tth 635b722635 trying to do EXR io 7 months ago
  tth 3632dc1680 more clenaup, expect more bugs 7 months ago
  tth cd1f278d45 fix a memory leak 7 months ago
  tth b9d963dfa2 big refactoring step 1, expect more bugs 7 months ago
  tth 75f36c0f6a boilerplate for plasmas 9 months ago
  tonton th 8a1b164ea7 add timer test 9 months ago
  tonton th 8f6d80da12 bla 10 months ago
  phyto 16c7d1ec4a bla & version bump 11 months ago
  le vieux e17232f29c no more profiling compile 11 months ago
  tth 18399a40d2 Sonoptic experiments day 4 1 year ago
  tth beedc2e190 better cumulator 1 year ago
  tth 59cbb3c1e0 de-kluging some funcs 1 year ago
  tth ba28fb9e80 debug function added 1 year ago
  tonton Th 83af701479 commit du soir, espoir 2 years ago
  tonton Th 22e16d2ba6 renaming a function for clarity 2 years ago
  tonton Th dd9ac7c948 random patchys... 2 years ago
  tonton Th e128add5a6 added a new function : fimg_put_rgb 2 years ago
  tth 7e0f2f87dd minor tweaks 2 years ago
  tth 20da2de7fb adding fimg_get_minmax_rgb function 2 years ago
  tth 248061f46b Zzzzz.... 2 years ago
  tth f451a8c8fe clamp me hardly, say the pixel 2 years ago
  tth db715485a2 encore un peu de mieux dans la doc 2 years ago
  tth a0a563dfa1 making "fimg_type_is_valid" public 2 years ago
  tonton Th b1ae9f31ed tracking a bug... 2 years ago
  tonton Th 6a2b37d4e3 minor bug spotted with DEBUG_LEVEL=1 2 years ago
  tonton Th 219bd36cc2 better testing of interpolate func 2 years ago
  tth 2b26645b49 big commit for 2 new funcs 2 years ago
  Tonton Th e804534715 added -lz to ld flags (for Fedora ?) 2 years ago
  Tonton Th cc9619fdbe minors twicks 2 years ago
  tonton Th 57ef940536 a new function : fimg_desaturate 2 years ago
  tonton Th 1b2355f046 added "extern" to verbosity 2 years ago
  Tonton Th 6ac0caa54a killing some bad magic numbers 2 years ago
  Tonton Th d3c52d6127 func 'fimg_mul_2' added 2 years ago
  tth d624a45fc4 1) renommer quelques fonctions dans lib/operators.c 2 years ago
  Tonton Th 360c2e113a added gray conversion to fimgfx 2 years ago
  Tonton Th 0104a736ea some tests added... 2 years ago
  Tonton Th e51888b206 + essai de fimg_cos_010 2 years ago
  Tonton Th cef00ac04e added normalize function, need more tests 2 years ago
  Tonton Th 6d13293ef2 cosmetic change 2 years ago
  Tonton Th feb39d05fe adding the copy_data funcs 2 years ago
  Tonton Th 746e8d12f6 minor tweaks 2 years ago
  tth 29fff3c578 useless comments 2 years ago
  tth 3712ef9efe no exit on errors 2 years ago