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  phyto 54a41cfeb3 terminal is working, but expect some bugs... 1 year ago
  phyto 9cdd17310d parameters validation function 1 year ago
  phyto 946616e55a hardware bug found, sorry 1 year ago
  phyto 6d597e59e8 bidirectionnal communication, first milestone reached 1 year ago
  phyto 9ef568a677 nothing important to see 1 year ago
  phyto ac89d9fe7d fridge control on the way 1 year ago
  phyto cce90eb60e git diff 1 year ago
  phyto 0a83be585a un squelette de gestion de param's 1 year ago
  phyto a4104e21f7 adding storage manager 1 year ago
  phyto a65e28aa67 premier pas integration cli de config 1 year ago
  phyto 431e94fb48 Claire arrive dans le brotch... 1 year ago
  phyto a95e2846d4 commit du dimanche 1 year ago
  phyto f7db16548d faster update of the datas 1 year ago
  phyto 6583891486 apero du mercredi soir, no bug spotted 1 year ago
  phyto 953650c953 taking four sample by pass 1 year ago
  phyto 9379253d16 more debug 1 year ago
  phyto b47e467d21 first real run on the phytotron 1 year ago
  phyto 17ec8dd47d les affaires repartent 1 year ago
  tth 71534c19bc adding blinkenlight 2 years ago
  tth b6d49bd6f8 now reading all 4 tempecaptors 2 years ago
  tth acd1248fa5 using 1.1v Vref on the Arduino analog to digital converter for better precision 2 years ago
  tth 1e2a5e9f31 using sprintf on Arduino 2 years ago
  tth 23a8881b5c slowing down the temp system 2 years ago
  tth 8989ff558b + conversion sortie lm25 -> celsius 2 years ago
  tth 7332f87654 premiere mesure de temperature avec le LM35 2 years ago
  tth 7e376763b8 finetuning the random sender 2 years ago
  tth 0826568604 reading 4 values from arduino 2 years ago
  tth 6aa2a26bec workaround the infamous select() bug : first milestone, demo code is coming 2 years ago
  tth 4eed817ecb slowdown arduino testing sender 2 years ago
  tth 73348c2339 serial over USB is evil, really evil 2 years ago
  tth bb10042aae blocking read is not blocking 2 years ago