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  tth acd1248fa5 using 1.1v Vref on the Arduino analog to digital converter for better precision 1 year ago
  tth dd4757f56c Merge du matin, chagrin ? 1 year ago
  tth 1538abe15f bla bla 1 year ago
  phyto 4aa595060c pimp up my minidigit 1 year ago
  tth 4edf194a84 bloup... 1 year ago
  tth 1fe3a805c3 des minidigits pour afficher l'heure 1 year ago
  tth ca420bc745 adding decimal dot to minidigit 1 year ago
  tth 7d94a9cdd7 better 1 digit 1 year ago
  tth f29c8c330c introdicing the so cute minidigits ! 1 year ago
  tth 58cf450675 verbosity IS a global variable 2 years ago
  tth a68ba6393b are we ready for primetime ? 2 years ago
  tth 67b26a733b making a perfmeter 2 years ago
  tth b4aa5445a2 ready for the next step ? 2 years ago
  tth c52b1659b5 more improvment on seven segments 2 years ago
  tth 65e9d58486 adding core/sysmetrics.[ch] 2 years ago
  tth 80b00561af i like eyecandy 2 years ago
  tth 1dcbc6746c 7 seg : adding hex letters 2 years ago
  tth a320d37960 tuning 2 years ago
  tth 1e2a5e9f31 using sprintf on Arduino 2 years ago
  tth 15c6cbd8ae working on serial protocol 2 years ago
  tth 054d0f574c Oh, please, merge me hardly ! 2 years ago
  tth 32e9b6cc2b adding more technobabbage to the doc 2 years ago
  phyto 64a5e68531 GOING PURE ASCII 2 years ago
  phyto a646a73c5a hop 2 years ago
  tth 23a8881b5c slowing down the temp system 2 years ago
  tth beffb27483 more doc is more doc 2 years ago
  phyto efa4604e3a debug of the useless makefile 2 years ago
  tth 0846b3e433 joujours verifier avant de commiter ! 2 years ago
  tth e5168df124 missing member un config struct 2 years ago
  phyto baec9fdb14 working on fake values 2 years ago
  tth c462c9ad91 c'est l'heure de la pizza 2 years ago
  tth 7b168e26bd c'est l'heure de l'apero 2 years ago
  tth bc7e6379e6 deleting a subwin in waterfall 2 years ago
  tth 5e0d33cfe1 enhancing the seven segments display 2 years ago
  tth ace7312470 demo ncurses: + opt nb_loops 2 years ago
  phyto 790e06c4cc fix the 7 segments demo 2 years ago
  tth cb0a2b5732 premier afficheir 7 segments 2 years ago
  tth b43e3b0a1c deux vumetres, est-ce assez ? 2 years ago
  phyto 9476f602ce Merge branch 'master' of ssh://tetalab.org/tTh/DD2-monitor 2 years ago
  tth 608e29911f more eyecandy with drand48 2 years ago
  phyto a1aa750669 fix the 'message' function 2 years ago
  tth 2f5617d3b4 second eyecandy prototype is running nicely 2 years ago
  tth dce67b491d some work on the eyecandy curses display 2 years ago
  phyto 95b1022974 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://tetalab.org/tTh/DD2-monitor 2 years ago
  tth 349e0ca2b0 grosse flemme aujouird'hui 2 years ago
  tth a73be232cd more samples are better 2 years ago
  phyto 824f805ef8 more eyecandy 2 years ago
  phyto 3cc52c0983 je ne sais pas trop quoi faire... 2 years ago
  phyto 090aba2e63 scaling corrected 2 years ago
  tth c17b4a01fb Merge branch 'master' of ssh://tetalab.org:2213/tTh/DD2-monitor 2 years ago