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Build Here

52ceea61a562cc451a699cca0900476ff9ebe0a1  patchwork-linux.tgz   
d4c1bd09f87323021949566d5225272323c785ae  patchwork-mac.tgz   

Patchwork is a decentralized sharing app. It was built for friends of the SSB project, to test basic functions. We use it as a test-bed for features, and for our own daily messaging.

SSB is a research project, Ask on #tetalab for joining our experimental node

That’s our informal barrier to entry right now, since we’re not prepared for lots of users yet.

Hermies the Hermit Crab

Patchwork embeds Scuttlebot, so if you’re running Patchwork, you don’t need to run another scuttlebot server.

Running Patchwork

Current install steps are:

# ubuntu
apt-get install automake libtool
# osx
brew install automake libtool

Also, you’ll need to use iojs@2. The easiest way to get this is nvm.

nvm install iojs-v2.5.0

Then, install the software:

git clone
cd patchwork
npm install
npm start

And then join a pub server.

Development & App-building :


# Linux dependencies
add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa -y
apt-get update
apt-get install nsis wine

# OSX dependencies
brew install makensis wine
npm install -d
npm run build
npm run pack

Relevant docs: