Un clone de Pong multijoueur écrit en NodeJS
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focus: Start Menu Page

client objects update

  • UICursor: added resetBlink() function to reset blink on menu item change (to avoid "shadow" cursor)
  • UIMenu: added cursor resetBlink() in select next/previous item function
  • UILabel: added UIObject inheritance and changed param initialization

client objects creation

  • UIStatusValue: ui element to display server infos (number of users, games running and games available)

client start menu page

  • added 3 UIStatusValue elements
  • all 3 elements are updated within the page_handler


  • added server infos update for all clients when a user register or disconnect


focus: Start Menu Page


  • Added ui_menu.js (UIMenu object)
  • Added cursor handling in UIMenu object
  • Implemented cursor on "start menu" page fixed start menu (join/create/spectate)


focus: Start Menu Page


  • create start menu page skeletton with title
  • socketio: on 'regDone' move current page to 'start menu' page


##focus: client/server user registration

added socket messages in npg_server.js and client/lib/socket/socketio_handler.js

'regRequest' server socket msg 'regDone' client socket message 'regNameTaken' client socket message

Added user handling utilities { userRegistration clientDisconnect }

added User object on server

check if user already exist and handle issues

user disconnection handling (server & client)


focus: client ui lib

---- changed font (Lucida -> Arial)

  • npg_client.js ---- added in /ui/objects/
  • ui_object.js (base object) ---- updated objects in
  • ui_rect.js (inherits from UIObject)
  • ui_cursor.js (inherits from UIObject) ---- /keyboard/evt_handler.js
  • userLogin() ---- cursor object
  • fixed behaviour on login page - working fine now
  • reset position at login attempt when server is down


focus: client ui lib - keyboard handling

---- /client/utils

  • renamed utils.js -> client_utils.js
  • added js_utils.js (global methods) ---- keyboard handling on login page
  • input name feature (add and remove char) ---- added in /client/ui/objects
  • ui_shape.js (base shape object)
  • ui_cursor.js ---- removed in /client/ui/objects
  • ui_line.js
  • ui_object.js ---- changed UIRect object
  • inherits from UIShape ---- cursor object
  • blinking cursor blinks (need to implement movement with name input)


focus: client ui lib

---- added ui objects in /client/ui/objects

  • ui_input_text.js
  • ui_menu.js
  • ui_status_text.js
  • ui_text_style_.js ---- Login page
  • changed convention for parameters in npg_client.js (by 'page' object)
  • title label and server status working
  • skeletton for login name input


focus: client ui lib

---- added app page handling in client/core

  • page_base.js
  • page_handler.js ---- added ui handling in /client/ui
  • ui.js ---- added ui objects in /client/ui/objects
  • ui_label.js
  • ui_line.js
  • ui_object.js
  • ui_point2d.js
  • ui_rect.js
  • ui_style.js ---- login page
  • created login page with title


focus: app

  • updated npg_app.js


-------------------------- focus: renaming files/directories ---- App

  • nodePong.js -> npg_app.js
  • package.json: updated "directories" & "dependencies" parameters ---- Client
  • client/src -> client/jquery
  • client/js -> client/lib
  • updated index.html ---- Server
  • server_core.js -> npg_server.js
  • server_config.js -> npg_server_config.js


--- focus on client side

  • Renamed files (lower case + _ )
  • Client directory structure : config, core, keyboard, pages, socket
  • added keyboard event handler basic features
  • added AppPage object definition
  • added login page skeletton
  • nothing crashed


--- focus on server object

  • Renamed server object in server_core.js (Server -> NPGServer)
  • Removed setIO(io) function in NPGServer object
  • added init() function to NPGClient
  • Changed server_config.js structure
  • updated nodePong.js


--- focus on socket.io client & server)

  • Renamed SocketClient.js to SocketIO.js (files and objects)
  • Added SocketIO object (NGPClient lib in /client/js/)
  • Implemented socket.io client connection (with loop) => working
  • Client side: Corrected bugs of multiple connection attemps and logs
  • Server side: moved socket definitions to Server object


  • objects naming convention change in server_core.js, and consequently in nodePong.js
  • added "User" and "Game" Objects skeletton in server_core.js
  • added "version" as a parameter of core.Server object (to later send it to clients @ connection)


  • added server_core.js, with "core" app server side object skeletton
  • added "serverMsg" features to "core" (including date utilities)
  • removed server_utils.js (moved serverMsg() function to the core object)
  • updated README.md (removed "npm install colors)
  • moved server.params.js to server_config.js, and changed naming convention
  • updated nodePong.js with new config setup


  • Added infos in README.md


  • moved "ui" dir to "public" dir
  • renamed "public" to "client"
  • updated nodePong.js with new directory name
  • cleaned gitlab repo


  • added package directories structure

    • "public":

      • index.html (main html file)
      • "css" subdir
        • main.css (main css file for index.html)
      • "src" subdir:
        • jquery-2.1.3.min.js (not really needed)
    • "server":

      • server_utils.js (server utilities function)
      • server_params.js (Server parameters)
    • "ui": (empty, and will become a "public" subdir)

  • added info files README.md, version.md, package.json and LICENSE

  • added nodejs application 'nodePong.js'