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Tonton Th 6dbfa41890
more info in grabvidseq -v -h
3 years ago
Makefile I can now write PNG files :) 3 years ago
README.txt a little tip from paulk 4 years ago
capture.c adding v4l2 example code 4 years ago
exemple.txt exemple de sortie de video-infos 4 years ago
funcs.c videograb : first step 4 years ago
funcs.h premiere version de l'upscaling qui fonctionne 4 years ago
grabvidseq.c more info in grabvidseq -v -h 3 years ago
rgb2fimg.c useless comments 3 years ago
t.c minor tweaks... 4 years ago
v4l2_pr_structs.c minor change 4 years ago
v4l2_pr_structs.h enhanced input display 4 years ago
video-infos.c enum_image_framesizes not working 4 years ago


			capture video


<paulk-leonov> tth: en faisant de la revue de patch sur V4L2, j'apprends
   que V4L2_FMT_FLAG et V4L2_PIX_FMT_FLAG n'ont rien à voir:
   le premier concerne le champ flags de la structure de l'ioctl enum_fmt
   et le second le champ flag de la structure de g_fmt.