721 Commits (a8d1e18650f35d8a6c3d35ff0a28570c0118688d)

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tTh a8d1e18650 Ok, this writz is working 6 months ago
tTh ccd324749e first external contrib 6 months ago
tth ab9e4b0250 bla 7 months ago
tth 6e896ee463 dicom boilerplate: [done] 7 months ago
tth 99187104ce preparing DICOM entry 7 months ago
tth be4e6b0dc9 oups again 8 months ago
tth 8c514ffe99 added "abs" func to fimgfx 8 months ago
tth 2a1d74a83f oups 8 months ago
tth f09162d4ce fixed a little brotch 8 months ago
tth 8dbe6dd5c1 patch the doc, luke 8 months ago
tth 86df4ef602 cumulfimgs can now export in all know formats 8 months ago
tth 5845ab7962 is _clear_rectangle working ? 8 months ago
tth 0e79b3e8fa hop hop hop le système de cache 9 months ago
tth 1b5186f4b3 NEW RELEASE for other systems 9 months ago
tth 6c92cca12c this is a big mess 9 months ago
tth bc864a6acb + bla 9 months ago
tth 39f48a56b0 minor fix 9 months ago
tth 094b61ba39 fix a nasty bug in a Makefile 9 months ago
tth 9bde22f560 first version of pixelize_h 9 months ago
tth f3dc73782a a small bla 9 months ago
tth b93ec2e603 useless commit 9 months ago
tth 9124ab6434 adding killrgb experiments 9 months ago
tth 23908cb746 explicit error message 9 months ago
tth f08f860daa killrgb: nice try, but... 9 months ago
tth 19c8f6aad5 do not use fimg_describe here ! 1 year ago
tth 30cb448642 small updates on doc 1 year ago
tth 40bf700a32 + movepixels experiment 1 year ago
tth f24ad0d229 oups... 1 year ago
tth 19094fee24 moving IRC to libera.chat 1 year ago
tth dbff8129b7 crumphard integrated in fonderie 1 year ago
tth 3b2be2e5dc less useless message 1 year ago
tth e88ea153bd "img_crump_hard" was made in the bibcave 1 year ago
tth 49d2703612 + triplemul & little clean 1 year ago
tth 5a90dce59d doc + demo 1 year ago
tth 17955bd303 we can list all the garbage... 1 year ago
tth 865cc60ccf + stdint.h 1 year ago
tth f77a63b08c bla 1 year ago
tth 389beea6cd + stdint.h / +debug code 1 year ago
tth b2d2c45be1 planomuxer: step 1 1 year ago
tth 468b5feb74 + stdint.h 1 year ago
tth fed3076b92 bla 1 year ago
tth 72e162e4cf use <stdint.h> everywhere 1 year ago
tth 802ec6e9c1 wtf? 1 year ago
tth a87ad8dea2 put all the picz in the workspace 1 year ago
tth 41e77a5185 Zzzzz.... 1 year ago
tth 77e967cf38 link opt "-lm" at end of line 1 year ago
tth 20e2f1e71e fixed an useless bug 1 year ago
tth 92b7eb478c + bloup 1 year ago
tth 5b934abd0a oups... 1 year ago
tth 07dde749ed new pattern (mircol_1) in mkfimg 1 year ago