35 Commits (72e162e4cf974f2a99e8ba39d1df54de4a106967)

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  tth 72e162e4cf use <stdint.h> everywhere 7 months ago
  tth 5b934abd0a oups... 7 months ago
  tth 7c314c73ce renaming a file 8 months ago
  tth 706e218ff0 trying to solve start/end issue 9 months ago
  le vieux 8386c852a9 more blabla 9 months ago
  tonton th 3778e75399 + multidots glitcher 11 months ago
  tonton th 785b521d4f be negative ans reverse the sort 11 months ago
  tonton th 35e7354396 first working version of singlepass 11 months ago
  tonton th 321b12dd9a cleanup 11 months ago
  tonton th 46fad56471 cleanup some useless code 11 months ago
  tonton th 864c8d2d05 + line shifter and bla 11 months ago
  tonton th a31e51a234 filters now have a name 11 months ago
  tonton th db05907447 xmas commit 11 months ago
  tonton th d369babbb3 + upside-down 12 months ago
  tonton th 0def451bf4 more debug or more bug ? 12 months ago
  tonton th 729afe8296 mise en prod du soir, espoir 12 months ago
  tonton th 79a09dd7bc input and output filterchain on interpolator 12 months ago
  tonton th 966ae9e465 water patch 12 months ago
  tonton th b03e674056 more experiment... 12 months ago
  phyto ae7fdd49bc still tweaking... 12 months ago
  phyto 1420deaf5e renaming a func 12 months ago
  phyto de1edceaf3 bla 12 months ago
  tonton th 62aa91e434 is filterstack really ok ? 1 year ago
  tonton th 3fb8dfcdb7 cleanup 1 year ago
  tonton th 3572966edb minor tweaks 1 year ago
  le vieux 54ee71119d faire des bords sombres 1 year ago
  le vieux 7c1ad9633a not ready for prime time 1 year ago
  le vieux fdc2544ad1 working on glitches 1 year ago
  le vieux dcacb07738 working on glitching methods 1 year ago
  le vieux bec63e97f5 first semi-good run of the Interpolator 1 year ago
  le vieux 993b4ecd7d more glitching is not a crime 1 year ago
  le vieux 954de623ab enlarge yout glitcher 1 year ago
  le vieux e7c726320a tryng to really glitch my picz 1 year ago
  le vieux c3c5e0dc3f not a milestone 1 year ago
  le vieux 538a8ffa82 importing the Interpolator for R325 project 1 year ago