Un clone de Pong multijoueur écrit en NodeJS
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  • moved "ui" dir to "public" dir
  • renamed "public" to "client"
  • updated nodePong.js with new directory name
  • cleaned gitlab repo


  • added package directories structure

    • "public":

      • index.html (main html file)
      • "css" subdir
        • main.css (main css file for index.html)
      • "src" subdir:
        • jquery-2.1.3.min.js (not really needed)
    • "server":

      • server_utils.js (server utilities function)
      • server_params.js (Server parameters)
    • "ui": (empty, and will become a "public" subdir)

  • added info files README.md, version.md, package.json and LICENSE

  • added nodejs application 'nodePong.js'