Un clone de Pong multijoueur écrit en NodeJS
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nodePong is a multiplayer online Pong game based on socket.io and nodejs. Users can play or spectate games.


clone project from git

git clone https://git.tetalab.org/frtk/nodePong.git

The app has a few nodejs packages dependencies. If you want to install them manually, follow the instructions below, else use the "node_modules" directory from the cloned project.

cd nodePong
npm install fs
npm install express
npm install http
npm install socket.io


  • Server side: Parameters can be tweaked from "nodePong/server/server_config.js"

    • port : http and iostream services port (default: 8042)
    • ...
  • Client side: Parameters can be tweaked from "nodePong/client/ui/client_config.js"

    • ...


From the nodePong directory,

nodejs nodePong.js