THSF 2016 Call for Participation

May 19th-22nd 2016, Mixart`Myrys (Toulouse, France)
This CFP is open to hackers, performers, makers, social thinkers and artists willing to contribute to the 7th THSF. 

About THSF
TOULOUSE HACKER SPACE FACTORY is a four days long event organized annualy by Tetalab (hackerspace),
Tetaneutral (not for profit organisation for web hosting & internet providing) 
and Mix'Art Myrys (self-governing artists group). 
2016 will be the seventh edition of the meeting at Mix’Art Myrys (Toulouse - South West of France).

The THSF have always been based on the sharing of knowledge, it features a variety of artistic proposals, conferences and workshops. The goal is to generate a critical and experimental space.
The event is turned to free use of technology, their appropriation and issues that it causes in transformation of our societies.
It's open to everyone, beginner, curious or expert.
It's a moment of meetings and sharings; this hybrid formula promotes thinking and research in many fields such as artistic, technologic, sociologic, philosophistic, etc...
About the 7th THSF

A number of essential topics (monitoring military law in France , Snowden disclosure, free software, open data ...) were broached in an unsatisfaying way lately.
A disappointment feeling has been largely shared this summer in the hacker community and even more widely by the end of year 2015. 
So, what's next? What can we do now? 
Rely on the notion of temporality and long time reflection of ideas for action. 
We feel effective in our ideas when our will is beyond individuals, groups and events, and these ideas continue to act and survive despite the context.
For this seventh edition, we'll going to overhaul the notion of temporality in the way of:

Individuals & biologic (psychology, routine, health),
Politics (deadline of the Greek debt, agora 500 BC),
Media (free mind availability, continuous information),
War (info speed, real-time UAV)
Financial (High Frequency Trading)
Artistic (real time, one shot performance)
IT (0 day)
Physical (the variable time)

We have: spaces for workshops, a conference room, a concert hall, a place "do what the fuck you want", video and audio stream, some other place for instalations, for nerds, for car park, two bars and a huge pipe to internetz (8Gb / s).
The place will be opened 24/4 during the 4 days of the event for every participant(s).


To send your submissions, see the THSF 2016 website