Bibliothèque de traitements d'images en virgule flottante.
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tth 621759efb6 remove classif proto 2 years ago
Makefile added "classif" kludgy func 2 years ago
classif.c added "classif" kludgy func 2 years ago
equalize.c working on histogram computation 2 years ago
filtrage.c fixed bug in DEBUG_LEVEL code 2 years ago
fimg-fits.c syncking code and documentation 2 years ago
fimg-libpnm.c bla 3 years ago
fimg-png.c bette verbose message 3 years ago
fimg-tiff.c minor fixes on TIFF handling 2 years ago
geometry.c integration of halfsizing 3 years ago
histogram.c more cleanup 2 years ago
hsv.c rien ne marche, on verra un autre jour... 2 years ago
misc-plots.c killed a bug 2 years ago
rampes.c two nice bw sweeepsss 3 years ago
rotate.c pas grand chose... 2 years ago
saturation.c sorry again... 2 years ago
sfx0.c a new useless sfx 2 years ago
t.c remove classif proto 2 years ago
tpnm.c test proggy for libpnm funcs 3 years ago
utils.c add TIFF support to grabvidseq 2 years ago