Bibliothèque de traitements d'images en virgule flottante.
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* filterstack.h
typedef struct {
int numero; /* id in crapulator */
char *name;
int ival;
float fval;
} FilterSlot;
typedef struct {
int count;
FilterSlot slots[FILTER_BY_STACK];
} FilterStack;
int filterstack_init(int numid, int notused);
int filterstack_add(int numid, int code, int ival, float fval);
int filterstack_list(int numid, const char *txt); /* XXX */
int filterstack_run(int numid, FloatImg *target, int notused);
int load_stack_from_file(int numid, char *fname, int notused);
int parse_filter_chain(int numid, char *argument);