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* floatimg.h
#define FIMG_VERSION 62
* in memory descriptor
typedef struct {
int width;
int height;
int type;
float fval;
int count;
float *R, *G, *B, *A;
int reserved;
} FloatImg;
* fimg file header
typedef struct {
char magic[8];
int w, h, t;
} FimgFileHead;
* core module
int fimg_create(FloatImg *fimg, int w, int h, int t);
int fimg_destroy(FloatImg *fimg);
int fimg_print_version(int k);
void fimg_printhead(FloatImg *h);
int fimg_describe(FloatImg *head, char *txt);
int fimg_fileinfo(char *fname, int *datas);
int fimg_plot_rgb (FloatImg *head, int x, int y, float r, float g, float b);
int fimg_clear(FloatImg *fimg);
int fimg_add_rgb(FloatImg *head, int x, int y, float r, float g, float b);
/* PNM files module */
int fimg_save_as_pnm(FloatImg *head, char *fname, int notused);
int fimg_load_from_pnm(char *fname, FloatImg *head, int notused);
double fimg_timer_set(int whot);
double fimg_timer_get(int whot);
/* FIMG files module */
int fimg_fileinfos(char *fname, int *datas);
int fimg_dump_to_file(FloatImg *head, char *fname, int notused);
int fimg_create_from_dump(char *fname, FloatImg *head);
/* mathematics oprations */
float fimg_get_maxvalue(FloatImg *head);
int fimg_meanvalues(FloatImg *head, float means[4]);
int fimg_to_gray(FloatImg *head);
void fimg_add_cste(FloatImg *fi, float value);
void fimg_drand48(FloatImg *fi, float kmul);
/* various funcs modules */
int fimg_load_from_png(char *filename, FloatImg *fimg);
int fimg_create_from_png(char *filename, FloatImg *fimg);
int fimg_save_as_png(FloatImg *src, char *outname, int flags);
int fimg_draw_something(FloatImg *fimg);