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le vieux 149bd0b06c going for a real ride ? 3 years ago
Makefile omg ! a new tool ! 3 years ago minor tweaks 4 years ago
addpnm2fimg.c working on a new tool 4 years ago
addtga2fimg.c clean some dirt 4 years ago
cumulfimgs.c on verra demain 3 years ago contour 2x2 -> fimgfx 3 years ago
fimg2png.c enhancing the new tool 3 years ago
fimg2pnm.c random patchys... 4 years ago
fimg2text.c going for a real ride ? 3 years ago
fimg2tiff.c minor fixes on TIFF handling 3 years ago
fimgfx.c Sonoptic experiments day 4 3 years ago
fimgops.c renaming a function for clarity 4 years ago
fimgstats.c trying to display delat min/max 3 years ago
mkfimg.c half-fixed a memory leak 3 years ago
png2fimg.c + verbosity option 3 years ago

Images en virgule flottante, les outils.





fimg2pnm - fimg2png