35 Commits (cc79dd515217c8fc01ea3b28908218ca58018614)

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  tth cc79dd5152 more work on the Fonderie 9 months ago
  tth 73b8048dea problem solved ? 9 months ago
  tth ce6d6e58bb seekin the holy gral of pipedeprod 9 months ago
  tth d7a3074561 on avance vers du mieux 10 months ago
  tth 7c314c73ce renaming a file 10 months ago
  tth ad58bf521d another bug in the wall 10 months ago
  tth d44591d0d9 bla 10 months ago
  le vieux 0208ee3b2d cosmetic 11 months ago
  le vieux 4e32daa448 more startup blabla 11 months ago
  le vieux 74133a2cab cosmetic change 11 months ago
  tth 3fce2b19c5 commit whitout testing :) 11 months ago
  tth 4a412b97fe use the local/current floatimg.h 1 year ago
  tonton th 35e7354396 first working version of singlepass 1 year ago
  tonton th 321b12dd9a cleanup 1 year ago
  tonton th 87c681ac70 cosmetic 1 year ago
  tonton th a31e51a234 filters now have a name 1 year ago
  tonton th 0def451bf4 more debug or more bug ? 1 year ago
  tonton th 966ae9e465 water patch 1 year ago
  phyto 6ea654019c bla 1 year ago
  tonton th b1e613276d kill this warning 1 year ago
  tonton th 160a4afe7b new: 3x3 smoother in crapulator 1 year ago
  tonton th 4053baf7fd trinarize on stage 1 year ago
  le vieux 54ee71119d faire des bords sombres 1 year ago
  le vieux f61f428066 output dir option is NOW working (maybe) 1 year ago
  le vieux 8cb3d6e6a0 convert fscking msg to silent typo 1 year ago
  le vieux dcacb07738 working on glitching methods 1 year ago
  le vieux e7c726320a tryng to really glitch my picz 1 year ago
  Tonton Th 9febaea3ae reconfinement fonderie first release 1 year ago
  Tonton Th e0d154c37e is fonderie ok ? 1 year ago
  Tonton Th 3859777c47 fonderie can now handle images of any size 1 year ago
  Tonton Th e404781d98 minor tweaks 1 year ago
  Tonton Th f9a09871bf bla 1 year ago
  Tonton Th 423ab7f0ec refactoring fonderie, step 2 1 year ago
  Tonton Th 8cc7695d70 refactoring fonderie, step 1 1 year ago
  Tonton Th d50f2145ba embarquement de la fonderie 1 year ago