60 Commits (cc79dd515217c8fc01ea3b28908218ca58018614)

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  tth cc79dd5152 more work on the Fonderie 9 months ago
  tth a27a165404 debug code added 9 months ago
  tth 936ea6ceab added sqrt & pow2 processing 9 months ago
  phyto f6b4a960b2 small tweaks 9 months ago
  tth 96ad003df6 oups... 10 months ago
  tth 6e6433368c - bla 10 months ago
  tth 7c314c73ce renaming a file 10 months ago
  tth ad58bf521d another bug in the wall 10 months ago
  tth dbee9eea6e renaming a func 10 months ago
  tth 5d121dee87 moving trinarize func 10 months ago
  tth 3f551e1473 moving a function 10 months ago
  tth c7e2ab12ca nice func integrated in Fonderie 10 months ago
  le vieux be7ea3e0ff nice try ? 11 months ago
  tonton th 2a2bc51e70 using autoshift to zero 11 months ago
  le vieux 6275449810 less verbosity, please 11 months ago
  tth 671f0fe0e4 better message 11 months ago
  tth d867b905a8 tracking a math bug in filters3x3 11 months ago
  tth c6f10d642a + diagonal filter 11 months ago
  tth 4a412b97fe use the local/current floatimg.h 1 year ago
  tonton th 3778e75399 + multidots glitcher 1 year ago
  tonton th 35e7354396 first working version of singlepass 1 year ago
  tonton th 1f7ea9c394 + incrustation & qsortrgb 1 year ago
  tonton th ccfe50e838 + qsortrgb 1 year ago
  tonton th 47dbf6ea1a pipdeprod next-gen is coming 1 year ago
  tonton th 1d6f0e8b4e more experiments 1 year ago
  tonton th 864c8d2d05 + line shifter and bla 1 year ago
  tonton th a31e51a234 filters now have a name 1 year ago
  tonton th 1693ad9051 complicated build system is mandatory 1 year ago
  tonton th 47e8db923b first try of octotree_classif 1 year ago
  tonton th ab8ad5a913 missing parameter 1 year ago
  tonton th b8e5bbf3cc on verra demain 1 year ago
  tonton th db05907447 xmas commit 1 year ago
  tonton th 1a185d05c5 better random_blocks 1 year ago
  tonton th 2460d622b1 nice commit, bro 1 year ago
  tonton th cdeeb9d92d + random blocks 8x8 1 year ago
  tonton th 22ef7c084e + hipass filter 1 year ago
  tonton th d369babbb3 + upside-down 1 year ago
  tonton th 0def451bf4 more debug or more bug ? 1 year ago
  tonton th 79a09dd7bc input and output filterchain on interpolator 1 year ago
  tonton th 966ae9e465 water patch 1 year ago
  tonton th b03e674056 more experiment... 1 year ago
  phyto 8668e15d3e desaturate added to crapulator 1 year ago
  phyto da8cfd1305 XXX WTF OMG 1 year ago
  tonton th 160a4afe7b new: 3x3 smoother in crapulator 1 year ago
  tonton th 8f29cb0db0 is trinarize really ok ? 1 year ago
  le vieux db7728bb10 adding new bugs ? 1 year ago
  le vieux 54ee71119d faire des bords sombres 1 year ago
  le vieux ba945daa54 tweaking a glitcher 1 year ago
  le vieux 7c1ad9633a not ready for prime time 1 year ago
  le vieux dcacb07738 working on glitching methods 1 year ago