82 Commits (69d94f59d3544a34adba2f23809eb9bd1aebc050)

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tonton th 8bbe639ad5 + auto shift to zero 1 year ago
tth d867b905a8 tracking a math bug in filters3x3 2 years ago
tth a38f4a8c72 preparing BMP export 2 years ago
tth 57af8c2e93 minor fixes 2 years ago
tth 75f36c0f6a boilerplate for plasmas 2 years ago
tonton th b8e5bbf3cc on verra demain 2 years ago
phyto 16c7d1ec4a bla & version bump 2 years ago
le vieux 532bf5f0fc chasse au bug 2 years ago
le vieux f5515b77a2 bumping the version, why not ? 2 years ago
tth 364ce06130 avant inportation fonderie 2 years ago
tth ce02cf96bc tuning... 2 years ago
tth f04f37ce43 printf min & max values 2 years ago
tth 453d08aa23 added universal exporter 2 years ago
tth 8206a1ac0a add "reverse flag" to fimg_contour_2x2 2 years ago
tth 18399a40d2 Sonoptic experiments day 4 2 years ago
tth 6a33b1d318 fimg_contour_2x2 is working !!! 2 years ago
tth 91b5fe08a6 pimp my parameters 2 years ago
tth 95475b9c60 adding classif to fimgfx 2 years ago
tth 96409e56dd missing classif proto 2 years ago
tth beedc2e190 better cumulator 2 years ago
tth 5a34cda32e writing TIFF, first setp 2 years ago
tth 5aa9d5b88b work in progress 2 years ago
tth 1364698e63 syncking code and documentation 2 years ago
tth 0651d8de7a a new function 2 years ago
tth 4fec59ec64 this is romulian saturation control 2 years ago
tth 421dd724a7 going to nowhere land 2 years ago
tth 3849485c02 adding bare FITS file support 2 years ago
tonton th b39660cc78 fix a bug in rotate_90 2 years ago
tth 81c1d98ffc a new useless sfx 2 years ago
tth ba28fb9e80 debug function added 2 years ago
tonton Th 83af701479 commit du soir, espoir 2 years ago
tonton Th 22e16d2ba6 renaming a function for clarity 2 years ago
tonton Th dd9ac7c948 random patchys... 2 years ago
tonton Th 14256b1476 rotate90 integrated in fimgfx 2 years ago
tonton Th e128add5a6 added a new function : fimg_put_rgb 2 years ago
tonton Th e9a61bb96a added a new function : fimg_rotate_90, need more tests 2 years ago
tth 20da2de7fb adding fimg_get_minmax_rgb function 2 years ago
tth e1938dfaeb buiding a test pattern generator 3 years ago
tth f451a8c8fe clamp me hardly, say the pixel 3 years ago
tth 7c378f1f7e added and debugged first filter function 3 years ago
tth a0a563dfa1 making "fimg_type_is_valid" public 3 years ago
tonton Th b1ae9f31ed tracking a bug... 3 years ago
tth 23ce4cd337 integration of halfsizing 3 years ago
tth 2b26645b49 big commit for 2 new funcs 3 years ago
Tonton Th e761120787 added a second killcolors function 3 years ago
Tonton Th 622d011424 added fimg_killcolors_a effect 3 years ago
tonton Th 57ef940536 a new function : fimg_desaturate 3 years ago
tth d624a45fc4 1) renommer quelques fonctions dans lib/operators.c 3 years ago
Tonton Th cef00ac04e added normalize function, need more tests 3 years ago
tonton Th 0224f6fd37 more expicit help 3 years ago