Bibliothèque de traitements d'images en virgule flottante.
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4 years ago
# makefile for floatimg tools
# use with caution
COPT = -Wall -fpic -g -DDEBUG_LEVEL=1
DEPS = ../floatimg.h ../libfloatimg.a Makefile
# ----------
all: fimg2pnm addtga2fimg mkfimg png2fimg fimgstats fimg2png
4 years ago
fimgstats: fimgstats.c $(DEPS)
gcc -g $< ../libfloatimg.a -o $@
mkfimg: mkfimg.c $(DEPS)
gcc -g $< ../libfloatimg.a -o $@
fimg2pnm: fimg2pnm.c $(DEPS)
gcc -g $< ../libfloatimg.a -o $@
fimg2png: fimg2png.c $(DEPS)
gcc -g $< ../libfloatimg.a -o $@
addtga2fimg: addtga2fimg.c $(DEPS)
gcc -g $< ../libfloatimg.a -limageSO -lm -o $@
# if "undefined reference to crc32" then "use -lz"
png2fimg: png2fimg.c $(DEPS)
gcc -g $< ../libfloatimg.a -lpnglite -o $@