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source $(dirname $0)/game_globals
#[ ! -r "$(dirname $0)/game.params.ori" ] && echo "Fichier de parameteres manquant : $(dirname $0)/game.params.ori" && exit 2
if [ ! -r "$(dirname $0)/../../params/${GAME_NAME}.params" ]; then
echo "Mise en place du fichier de parametres dans $(dirname $0)/../../params/"
mkdir -p $(dirname $0)/../../params || (echo "Echec de creation ou de verification du repertoire $(dirname $0)/../../params" && exit 3)
cp $(dirname $0)/game.params.ori $(dirname $0)/../../params/${GAME_NAME}.params || (echo "Echec de generation du fichier de parametres standard $(dirname $0)/../../params/${GAME_NAME}.params" && exit 4)
echo "Veuillez configurer le jeu si besoin via le fichier $( ls $(dirname $0)/../../params/${GAME_NAME}.params) puis relancer le script de MAJ"
exit 0
source $(dirname $0)/../../params/${GAME_NAME}.params || (echo "Impossible de charger les parametres du jeu via $(dirname $0)/../../params/${GAME_NAME}.params" && exit 5)
[ ! -d "${GAME_PATH}" ] && echo "creation du repertoire de jeu ${GAME_PATH}" && mkdir -p ${GAME_PATH}
[ -z ${GAME_STEAMID} ] && "Missing App SteamID" && exit 7
echo "Mise a jour du jeu ..."
echo "${STEAMCMD} +login anonymous +force_install_dir ${GAME_PATH} +app_update ${GAME_STEAMID} +quit"
${STEAMCMD} +login anonymous +force_install_dir ${GAME_PATH} +app_update ${GAME_STEAMID} +quit